Veterinary studies
through Data Science

VMS is a research and business intelligence consultancy with extensive experience in the veterinary sector. We are specialists in helping companies to obtain, structure and analyse information and propose veterinary studies based on quantitative data, from a global vision of the market and a strategic perspective of the business.

Our primary goal is to provide accurate and valuable information through the collaboration of more than 1000 veterinary practices that trust us and with whom we work to collect relevant information on various areas of veterinary interest. By thoughtfully aggregating and analysing this data, we are able to generate meaningful and valuable insights to improve veterinary practice and animal welfare in general.

Veterinary studies
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veterinary centres

Reflecting the full range of sizes and business models in the industry

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Millions of transactions

The most accurate measure of the economic pulse of clinics

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Millions of patients

The largest Spanish pet health observatory

Veterinary studies

It is important to note that all data provided by the clinics is treated completely anonymously and confidentially. We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our partners and ensure that the information from our veterinary studies is used exclusively for research and statistical analysis purposes.

Our team is comprised of research and data analysis experts who are dedicated to scrutinising data sets to draw informed conclusions. We use rigorous methodologies and advanced tools to ensure the quality and accuracy of our studies.


We offer indispensable tools for the knowledge and development of the veterinary sector.

Sector Barometer

The benchmark report on the economic performance of veterinary clinics in Spain.


The only sell-out study of veterinary products in the country. Because if pet-parents don't buy, nobody sells anything.

Consumption behaviour

Unique insights on the link between pet-parents and veterinary products.


Comprehensive business information on more than 7,200 veterinary centres and 7,000 petshops and grooming salons in Spain.


The unique Balanced Scorecard for groups, multi-centre networks or centres with highly professional management.


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