Price study

Start optimising your pricing strategy!

In our constant quest to provide useful and strategic tools for the veterinary sector, we are pleased to introduce our veterinary pricing analysis application. This tool is designed to help veterinary clinic managers and owners better understand their market positioning in terms of pricing for the most in-demand veterinary services.

How does it work?

Our tool uses data collected from 630 veterinary centres to provide a comparative analysis of average prices for services such as general consultations, vaccinations, sterilisations and more. This data is updated annually to reflect market trends and provide an up-to-date view of the industry.

Why is it useful?

We understand the importance of competitive and transparent pricing, so with our tool, managers and owners can assess how their prices stand in relation to market averages, as well as for clinics of the same size and/or region. This allows them to identify areas of opportunity, adjust their pricing strategy and improve the competitiveness and profitability of their veterinary practice.