Spain Consolidation Map

How is consolidation evolving in Spain?

In a constantly evolving market, understanding the dynamics and landscape of veterinary clinics is essential for veterinary professionals and investors alike. That's why we are pleased to present this Tableau-developed tool, which provides a detailed and up-to-date view of how the veterinary clinic sector has consolidated over time in Spain.

Below, we invite you to explore the interactive application we offer on this page, but if you would like to find out more information with the full version of the censusPlease do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to show it to you.

With this tool, you can analyse a number of key aspects, including the number of veterinary clinics in different regions, consolidation trends across different periods, the evolution of central purchasing centres, and much more. Whether you are a professional interested in understanding market trends, or just someone curious to explore fascinating data, this tool is designed to provide you with valuable information in an intuitive and accessible way.

We hope you enjoy analysing the evolution of veterinary clinic consolidation in Spain as much as we have enjoyed creating this tool!