Annual summary

Start making informed strategic decisions!

Welcome to our Spanish veterinary sector analysis tool. This tool is designed to help industry executives and managers to better understand the Spanish veterinary market landscape and make informed decisions for the growth and efficient management of their businesses.

What metrics does our tool provide?

Our application provides a detailed overview of the main metrics of the Spanish veterinary sector, including:

Number of veterinary clinics: Get an overview of the total number of veterinary clinics in Spain, allowing you to understand the geographical distribution of the market.

Total turnover of the sectorThe veterinary sector in Spain: Learn about the size and financial health of the veterinary sector in Spain, helping you to assess growth opportunities and economic trends.

Main KPIs of a Spanish veterinary centreAccess the most relevant key performance indicators for veterinary clinics, such as average turnover, average ticket, visit frequency, average number of active patients, among others. They will allow you to better understand the levers of revenue growth in the sector.

Segmentation by clinic sizeUnderstand how these metrics vary by clinic size, allowing you to identify trends and opportunities specific to your type of business.