Our best asset, our people

Pere Mercader

Managing Partner

Veterinarian (UAB), MBA (IESE)

My mission at VMS is to minimise disruption to our team and to provide them with the right resources and working conditions to realise their full potential, which is enormous.

Ramon Rulló


Computer Science Engineer (UPC), MBA (ESADE)

My job is to provide VMS with the technology solutions needed to facilitate the development of the exciting world of data analytics ideas that emerge from this team.

David Serrano

Senior Business Analyst

Business Sciences (UdL)

I support and advise management teams of industry leaders in making business decisions based on our quantitative reports.

Mònica Marrades

Senior Data Analyst

Degree and Master's Degree in Statistics and Operations Research (UPC)

My role at VMS is to ensure the quality and statistical robustness of all quantitative studies we conduct. I support our team in methodological design, sample selection and control, and quality control of deliverables to clients. I have special interest and experience in consumer behaviour projects based on statistical models.

Isaac David de la Hoz

Data Analyst

Biotechnology (UdL), Bioinformatics (UAB) and Big data analytics (Datahack)

I am in charge of the design, creation and maintenance of the visualisations of the studies we do in VMS that involve Business Intelligence. In addition, I help in the production of business reports and coordinate tasks of harmonisation, integration and updating of databases in multiple formats.

José Moreno

Data Analyst

Physics (UCO), Master's Degree in Big Data and Data Science (UNED)

My approach at VMS is twofold. On the one hand, I am dedicated to constantly expanding and improving our census of veterinary clinics, ensuring that we have an up-to-date and representative database. On the other hand, I am responsible for developing rigorous and accurate statistical models, which ensures the validity and mathematical consistency of our studies.

Victor Khalaf

Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer (EAM), Multi-platform Programmer (ILERNA)

My passion is to combine creativity and functionality to convey powerful visual messages. I am in charge of creating attractive and professional designs that reflect the identity of our company and help to effectively communicate our messages through different media.

Sebas Palma

Computer Engineer

Management computer scientist (IES Caparrella)

My main role is to provide technical support to the team in whatever they need. I am in charge of solving technical problems and developing customised solutions to ensure the efficient operation of our systems and applications. My goal is to keep our technological infrastructure in optimal conditions and to facilitate the work of my colleagues.

Inma Ribas


Administration and Finance Technician (IES Escola el Treball)

My role at VMS is to maintain organised records and ensure that invoicing processes are accurate and timely. My goal is to ensure efficient administrative management to provide excellent service to our customers and partners.